Our Values


We believe in shopping local.  We believe that local businesses are the backbone of our town. We know what makes our neighborhood great; and with APG Deals, we want to offer the community access to the best deals at the best local shops and businesses and to grow local commerce and help build our communities.


Make Life Fun.

We think our area has great and fun things to do!
With coupons for activities as well as info on the best local events, we are offering insight on the top things to do in our area.
For the customers, that means showing them the great things they can experience in their own towns. For local businesses, that means growing their business and reaching an audience with information and coupons to get them to their location, creating long-lasting customer and businesses relationships.



We believe in serving the customer. Customers are why we’re here. They are the driving force for our local community. APG Deals wants to provide quality, relevant, and helpful information for the customer to make life a little easier. We want to provide coupons to not only get great deals for the customer but also to help drive connections and sales for the local businesses.